Full Programme

Day One - 17th May / Day Two - 18th May

Day One – 17th May

08:00  -  09:00

Registration & Welcome Refreshments

09:00  -  09:15

Official Summit Opening

09:15  -  10:30

Session 1 – China’s Regulations & Policy Update – What does the Thirteenth Five Year Plan Mean for Domestic Energy Demand?


Chair: Li Yao - CEO - SIA EnergyChair: Li YaoCEOSIA Energy
Zhang Yuqing - Former Deputy Director General - National Energy AdministrationZhang YuqingFormer Deputy Director GeneralNational Energy Administration
Guo Jiaofeng - Senior Researcher - Institute of Natural Resources & Environmental Policy, Development Research Centre of the State CouncilGuo JiaofengSenior ResearcherInstitute of Natural Resources & Environmental Policy, Development Research Centre of the State Council
Chen Bo - President - UnipecChen BoPresidentUnipec
Liu Yan - Deputy Chief Engineer - Beijing Gas Group Co., LtdLiu YanDeputy Chief EngineerBeijing Gas Group Co., Ltd

  • What is the forecast for China’s domestic gas demand in the next five years? How much of China’s gas demand is expected to be LNG?
  • How is regulation supporting the adoption of gas
    • What is the Government’s strategy on reducing the percentage of coal in China’s energy mix
    • What will be the role of LNG imports in addressing environmental issues?
  • Will domestic gas pricing be deregulated this year?
  • Third-party access to infrastructure: terminals and pipelines.
  • Who are the new independent players and how are they changing the business?
  • Gas fired power generation: how easy is it for utilities to switch from coal to gas?
  • Are renewables a friend or a foe to LNG and gas?
11:00  -  11:30

Networking Coffee Break

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  • Steelhead LNG

11:30  -  12:45

Session 2 – Panel Discussion: Global Gas Supply/Demand and is China Really the Next Big Thing?


Chair: Kerry-Anne Shanks - VP & Head of Asia Pacific Gas & LNG Research - Wood Mackenzie Chair: Kerry-Anne ShanksVP & Head of Asia Pacific Gas & LNG ResearchWood Mackenzie
Mabel Leung - President – China Gas Marketing - ExxonMobil Gas & Power MarketingMabel LeungPresident – China Gas MarketingExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing
Bernard Samuels - Head, Integrated Gas Commercial - Shell (China) LtdBernard SamuelsHead, Integrated Gas CommercialShell (China) Ltd
Andrew Walker - Vice President Strategy - Cheniere Marketing LtdAndrew WalkerVice President StrategyCheniere Marketing Ltd

  • What is the global natural gas supply and demand outlook?
  • Will global LNG supply be long for longer? When is new LNG supply going to be needed?
  • Where is new demand coming from?
  • Why is China so important to global gas supply / demand growth?
  • What are the base / low high forecasts for LNG demand to 2025? - What drives the range of outcomes and what do new LNG suppliers need to be aware of?
  • What are the main challenges for China in importing LNG?
  • Minimising risks in the current volatile global LNG market
  • How much of the LNG demand is contracted, how much uncontracted? Short-term problems of oversupply
12:45  -  14:00

Networking Lunch

14:00  -  15:30

Session 3 – LNG Imports & Third-Party Access to Receiving Terminals & Pipelines


Chair: Li Yao - CEO - SIA EnergyChair: Li YaoCEOSIA Energy
Zhu Xingshan - Senior Director, Planning Department - CNPCZhu XingshanSenior Director, Planning DepartmentCNPC
He Yuanxin - Director - CRRC Corporation Ltd.He YuanxinDirectorCRRC Corporation Ltd.
Yuan Shuangjie - Business Director - China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.Yuan ShuangjieBusiness DirectorChina Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.

LNG Receiving Terminals

  • Latest developments on third-party terminal access – where are the opportunities?
  • What are the expected timelines and requirements for terminal access?
  • Reloads from terminals – storage, reloads and bunkers
  • Where are the new initiatives developing and how quickly will they grow?

 Gas Distribution

  • Will the latest regulations on pipelines open up access to private companies and provincial players?
  • How will the latest policy reform impact local companies’ access to the state-owned pipeline facilities?
  • Provincial gas distribution – how is peak demand balanced?
  • Will we see an increase in LNG transportation by container?
  • How can LNG infrastructure complement pipeline networks?


  • What is the new scope for storage development in china and what are the options for incentivising companies to develop new storage capacity?
  • Could 3rd party access underground gas storage facilities?
  • What are the new technologies and equipment needed?
15:45  -  16:15

Networking Coffee Break

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  • Steelhead LNG

16:00  -  17:30

Session 4 – Asia Pacific LNG Leaders’ Panel: What is Demand Outlook in the Region?


Chair: Christopher Goncalves - Managing Director & Chair, Energy - BRG, LLCChair: Christopher GoncalvesManaging Director & Chair, EnergyBRG, LLC
Yokoi Kazuhiro - Senior Vice President  - Fuel Transactions Group, JERA Co. Inc.Yokoi KazuhiroSenior Vice President Fuel Transactions Group, JERA Co. Inc.
Toto Nugroho - President Director - PertagasToto NugrohoPresident DirectorPertagas
Samuele Ravelli - Senior LNG Trader - Origin EnergySamuele RavelliSenior LNG TraderOrigin Energy

  • Coal to gas switching: what are the main challenges for power companies when substituting to LNG?
  • What will Japan’s deregulated gas and power markets mean for LNG demand?
  • Is there scope to grow LNG demand in China significantly?
  • How can India’s latent LNG demand be unleashed?
  • Can Asian utilities be confident of securing supply on the spot market to run their businesses?
  • Is price index uncertainty preventing Asian buyers from committing to long-term contracts?
  • Are European and Asian markets becoming more linked – and so more converged on price?
  • Identifying new and potential Chinese LNG buyers: Who are they? What are their plans and needs?
18:30  -  21:30

China LNG International Summit Gala Dinner

Day Two – 18th May

08:30  -  08:55

Welcome Refreshments

08:55  -  09:00

Opening Remarks

09:00  -  10:30

Session 5 – The Evolving Global LNG Supply Scenario – Where Could New Supply to China Come From?


Chair: Christopher Goncalves - Managing Director & Chair, Energy - BRG, LLCChair: Christopher GoncalvesManaging Director & Chair, EnergyBRG, LLC
Gary Constantine - Vice President - Commercial - Steelhead LNGGary ConstantineVice President - CommercialSteelhead LNG
Keith Meyer - President - Alaska Gasline Development CorporationKeith MeyerPresidentAlaska Gasline Development Corporation
Liu Jingbo - Deputy General Manager - Guangzhou Gas GroupLiu JingboDeputy General ManagerGuangzhou Gas Group
Yue Wu - Vice President Gas China - BPYue WuVice President Gas ChinaBP

  • What are the benefits of a diversified supply portfolio?
  • How are new projects adapting to deliver customer value to Chinese buyers?
  • How are supply projects striving to reduce EPC costs?
  • How are suppliers adapting their business models to be more flexible to buyers?
    • How are suppliers delivering flexibility in LNG contracts?
    • The impact of the US election on LNG supply from America
  • Small-scale, modularisation vs large trains
  • Which projects seem to be the most likely to take FID and where?
  • Understanding the economics and the permitting process for US export projects
  • What realistic prices can Chinese buyer expect from North America?
  • How do market cycles work?
  • Understanding the benefits of long-term contracting
  • How is project financing changing and adapting to a new profile of buyer?
10:30  -  11:00

Networking Coffee Break

11:00  -  12:30

Session 6 – Exploring LNG Shipping & New Technologies: How is Technological Innovation Enabling Growth?


Chair: Patrick Janssens - Vice President - Global Gas Solutions - ABSChair: Patrick JanssensVice President - Global Gas SolutionsABS
Hu Weiping - Former Director General - National Energy AdministrationHu WeipingFormer Director GeneralNational Energy Administration
Huang Yonggang - Vice President - China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering CorporationHuang YonggangVice PresidentChina Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation
Steve Winkates - Director of Program Management, East Asia - U. S Trade and Development AgencySteve WinkatesDirector of Program Management, East AsiaU. S Trade and Development Agency
Lou Danping - Deputy Chief Technical Officer - Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.Lou DanpingDeputy Chief Technical OfficerHudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Kang Zhijue - Business Development Manager - Höegh LNGKang ZhijueBusiness Development ManagerHöegh LNG

LNG Shipping

  • What does the future hold for LNG carriers?
  • Will we see more upsizing and fuel efficiency improvements?
  • Is there sufficient capacity for Chinese yards to meet Chinese demand for newbuildings?


  • How will the FSU/FSRUs models further develop and grow?
  • Small and mid-scale regas – are FSU/FSRUs the key to solving the issues?
12:30  -  13:45

Networking Lunch

13:45  -  15:15

Session 7 – Building New Demand Through Small-Scale LNG & Bunkering


Chair: Zhu Xingshan - Senior Director, Planning Department - CNPCChair: Zhu XingshanSenior Director, Planning DepartmentCNPC
Guo Zonghua - President - Shanxi Gas Design InstituteGuo ZonghuaPresidentShanxi Gas Design Institute
Adnan Ezzarhouni - China General Manager - GTTAdnan EzzarhouniChina General ManagerGTT
Luo Xiaofeng - Director - China Classification Society (CCS)Luo XiaofengDirectorChina Classification Society (CCS)

Small-Scale LNG

  • What are the main challenges and barriers?
  • What can the industry do to guarantee an efficient and quick growth for small-scale?
  • How can we make small-scale LNG economical?
  • What infrastructure is available for small scale use? What is needed?
  • What is the potential to grow demand through new applications?
  • How is government supporting growth in these areas from a regulatory perspective?

 LNG Bunkering

  • Latest developments in LNG marine bunkering in China
  • How quickly will LNG bunkering take off in China?
  • Are there ideas to be taken from Europe to fast track the LNG bunker business?
  • How is infrastructure enabling operators to make the switch to gas fuelling?
  • How can LNG position itself as a fuel of choice for fleet operators against traditional fuels?
  • Gas-fuelled inland vessels: Analysing current scale and future potential of transportation via river barges
  • Are more stringent marine emissions targets on the horizon?
15:15  -  15:45

Networking Coffee Break

15:45  -  17:00

Session 8 – Commercial Innovations in LNG Contracts, Trading & Pricing – What’s New?


Chair: Kerry-Anne Shanks - VP & Head of Asia Pacific Gas & LNG Research - Wood Mackenzie Chair: Kerry-Anne ShanksVP & Head of Asia Pacific Gas & LNG ResearchWood Mackenzie
Ye Yishu - President - CNOOC Gas and Power Trading & Marketing LtdYe YishuPresidentCNOOC Gas and Power Trading & Marketing Ltd
Ma Shenyuan - Vice President - ENN GroupMa ShenyuanVice PresidentENN Group
Pablo Galante Escobar - Global Head of LNG - Vitol Group Pablo Galante EscobarGlobal Head of LNGVitol Group
Seng Kee Wong - Head of Marketing - GLXSeng Kee WongHead of MarketingGLX
Gordon D Waters - Global Head of LNG - GLENCORE Singapore Pte Ltd.Gordon D WatersGlobal Head of LNGGLENCORE Singapore Pte Ltd.

  • Which new pricing indices are likely to develop?
  • LNG hub developments in Asia – how far have we progressed?
  • LNG shipping developments in parallel to enable the spot market to grow
  • How can credit issues be managed to facilitate and stimulate more demand growth?
  • As long-term contracts expire, what level of LNG supply will be bought long-term vs spot/short-term over the 5-10 years?
  • Are European and Asian markets becoming more linked and so more converged on price?
  • How will price risk be managed effectively?
  • Can China become the Asian LNG Hub? And how quickly could this happen?

Close of China LNG & Gas International Summit 2017

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